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Isabeli-Fontana -Studio Burman

A thin line divides average and doubtful images,  from those who are well thought and specially produced to have visual, sensorial and commercial impact, bringing fashion codes that achieve the desired target.

Over the past eight years, Studio Burman has created,  updated and transformed the image of several Brazilian fashion brands.

Our deep expertise in fashion art direction, allow us to work in different formats: directly with the client; or through creative partnerships with houses (internal agencies) or external agencies, bringing the necessary know-how to build strong campaigns that reach the final audience and influencers.

We believe in a deep involvement with each brand, to absorb the essence, strengths and weaknesses, of each one of them. The supporting pillars and the desired goals helps us to draw a creative line and a communication strategy to reach them accordingly. Developing all print media (catalog, customized magazine, billboards, pdvs), Digital (site, actions, special projects), Fashion Film and  Making Of.

Through opportunities with specialized partners on locations in and outside Brazil, we provide a travel pack that become perfect scenarios for aspirational images. Increasing the desire to live the brand experience and enhancing the user integration.
Exclusive partnerships with leading magazines in the country are often arranged to help minimising travel expenses, creating favourable opportunities and unique trade agreements.